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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 23:17


In fact, this happened a few years ago. If my wife of 12 years, went to his two brothers in another city to visit. She took our 10-year -old son from her, I leave the house for a week. I took her to the station and saw him come and train. There was a couple of days after his arrival at the house phone. He said, and was Ruth, sister of my wife. She asked if I expected to return Lucie, and I told him in a week. I found a 4tube bit strange, because I told my wife on my way to the station, told Ruth, the time it would have disappeared remember. 4tube We talk and joke smaller told Ruth to behave better, while his sister was gone. I joke now that could come and make sure he was behaving. Then he became serious and asked me if I wanted it as one and do some housework. She said her husband, Don worked in the afternoon shift, and did nothing. Ruth also married at the time and I knew she was deceived as toTime. I accepted his offer and said it would in an hour. About 45 minutes later with a short denim skirt and white top has a package of 12 cans of beer. Somehow I knew I was not here to clean my house dressed like that. I welcomed them and put the beer in the fridge and sat at the kitchen table and talked and had a small. I was about 36 at the time of Ruth 's younger sister, Lucie was about 25 was taller than my wife with small breasts and long legs, good-looking. She had all the thick thighs and calves that make me crazy. A few hours passed and we were in the room of beer each. My eyes fell on 4tube his legs lovely. When she shifted in her chair, watching his step panties. The more he drank was less inhibited. She looked at me and asked if he thought his legs were too fat ? I said I thought I had big feet. At this point my cock was about to explode in my pants. She always was a little drunk and nowRock was not much, as it shows her legs I sa drunk, and hotter by the minute, I extended my hand and started rubbing the inside of your thigh. She leaned her head back and moaned and spread her legs wider. When he 4tube did, I took his hand and took the pussy. It felt so hot and humid. I pulled her panties to one 4tube side 4tube when I got on my knees between her legs and began at once. Could she slid forward in his chair and pushed her hips forward so I could suck her pussy. Her thighs trembled, and she began to orgasm. She grabbed my head and ground her pussy 4tube on my face and blurted out that she calls me, I wanted to fuck her. I get up and without saying a word he took her to the bedroom and took about 5 times. By putting to rest between fucks, she admitted that she wanted to take me for a long time. All this takes about 20 years, and still the straw when I think about it.
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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 23:17

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